Three words: lists, lists, and LISTS!!!

We have finally reached the release of 1.1.0 almost 2 months after 1.0 back in August. If it wasn’t obvious by now, the main feature with this update is custom lists. We’re going to go over each new change in detail and leave a little bit at the end for what’s next.


A display list with ranked mode toggled.
A display list with ranked mode toggled.

Being one of the most requested features thus far, lists had to come soon and complete. Meaning I wanted to make sure they had a good set of features before moving onto the next thing. To add a game you just search it and then select the game you want to add.

Then to rearrange list entries you just drag-n-drop the cards, very intuitive and simple! Works great on mobile too.

Here are the main configurations lists have now:

  • Title and description

Pretty self-explanatory. Titles have a max length of 128 characters while the descriptions have no limit. This may change in the future but I wanted to see how they’d be used first.

  • Privacy settings

Two binary settings, either public where everyone can see your list or private where only you can see your list. Lists are automatically set on private when created.

  • Ranked mode

This is another toggle that adds a visual number counter to your lists if you want it to appear as a ranked list. This is especially good for Top 10’s, Game of the Year, and any other rankings.

  • Two different view modes

Grid and Detail are the view modes for lists to be displayed in. Currently the list is only viewable in the mode that the author sets it in but I want to eventually have that only be the default and allow anyone to change the view if they want to. You can see the difference between the two modes below.

  • List entry notes

This allows you to append a note to any of your list entries. In grid view a button will appear to view the note while in detail view the note will be displayed automatically.

But yeah that’s pretty much lists! I still want to do much more with them so expect a few new things here and there. Especially with the layout I wanted to see how people would use them first before changing too much.

Grid view mode
Detail view mode

Secret Badges

Something else that came with this update is a few more of these badges you can see on your profile. They are just fun little collectibles you can unlock by participating on the site. I thought they would be fitting given the type of site it is. Here’s a hint to one of them, be sure to write some good reviews ;)

Image Loading

Another smaller change was the way cover images and game banner images were loaded. The game banners will now start off with a blurred lower resolution image before its high quality version loads into place so that it isn’t completely blank when it’s loading. Overall things should be a bit more efficient and snappier.

Bug Fixes

Then a whole bunch of bug fixes were dealt with to keep quality of life up! For a detailed list look here:

That’s pretty much 1.1.0! Now I did mention the game plays page would come in this update earlier but given how long lists took, I had to push it off just a bit longer.


The next update will be a focus on getting game genres in! This one will be a bit involved as it stretches to quite a few places in the website, from game pages to filters. This will also introduce an update to the game page to fit more information. Stay tuned on that!

Many Thanks!!

Ping | Humad Shah | RoyalApe | Will Goodrow | Thomas Mulholland | Ben Stumpf | Bernardo Baquero Stand are all the wonderful patrons that continuing to make Backloggd a reality! Thanks again!

And of course thank you everyone for even using the site! Always let me know if you have a suggestion or would like to something change.


We also have a Discord server now! Join in to get the latest news and updates, discuss your backlog, or just say hi! I’m looking forward to meeting as many as you as I can.

Here’s the link:

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