Time for genres, game plays, and so much more!

Hello again! I’m here today with the next big content update for Backloggd and this time we have a ton of smaller features compared to the one big feature like last time. Let’s get into it!

A highly requested feature found on the roadmap were genres, in their inevitability here they are!

Games will now display what genres they are apart of on their game page just under the description as you can see above. Additionally you can select these tags to bring you to every game with that genre, and filter your own game collections with the new genre filter!

NOTE: Genres are live but will take some time for each game to update to get its genres, so more and more games should get it as times goes on.

Coming from another requested roadmap feature, the game play / backlog pages allow you to see every rating users gave a certain game. This was talked about before and available to backers but it is now public!

The backlogs page is very similar showing you everyone who is either playing the game or wishlisted it.

You can access this page just by selecting the ratings bars on a game page or the counters underneath the ratings.

Here comes another Letterboxd-esque feature being ratings from friends on the game page.

At the very bottom of the reviews you’ll for everyone you follow you’ll see their rating or backlog status. Selecting it will bring you to their review.

This one is more behind-the-scenes but will definitely bring improvements. So for background, we were getting average ratings and popularity scores from the database we use since you often need a sizable amount of users for these things to be accurate. But the problem is they would often bring inaccurate results such as these 5 games always being on most popular:

In this case Zombie Driver doesn’t even have a single rating. So by using our own measurements we will be able to sort games by how they actually are rated on the site. It should also make a few things more efficient since we’re using local values.

While average rating sorting works today, popularity is still being privately tweaked so that it’s more accurate on release.

The badge system was redone and along that came a bunch of new ones to collect! Here is a sneak peek image I shared on the Discord earlier this week:

BTW join our discord for more early previews and just to hang out and be awesome 😉

There are still a bunch of other changes and additions, be sure to check them out on the changelog page here: https://www.backloggd.com/changelog/#1.2.0

Ah yes, the update after 1.2.0 and before 1.4.0. So far everything is leaning towards 1.3.0 being the update that brings Journal 2.0, meaning many more fields such as time-played, completion types, start/end dates, and others! As always keep updated on Twitter and Discord for constant updates.

Huge Thanks!!

This is the first month that I didn’t lose money running Backloggd, now it’s not much but it wouldn’t have been possible without my patrons and those who checked out the Humble link on the site, thank you all!

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See you next time!

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