It’s finally here, get ready to journal those games.

Almost 5 months later comes the next content update for Backloggd with the main focus being all about expanding the core Journal feature. Enough with the intro though, let’s dig right in!

There are now two main sections to the journal with them being Log and Playthroughs. Let’s go over the main components of each

Log is where you’ll keep your most up-to-date information about the game you’ve played, so it’s where you’ll put your ultimate rating, all the platforms you’ve played on, it’s current game status (more of that later) and various other settings.

Playthroughs are where you can get as detailed as you want with games. Here you can mark each individual day you played on, that day’s status, a note, and even the amount of time you played that day. All optional of course!

All of these details will be reflected on your profile journal page.

Note that the review, specific review platform, and finish date in Log all are tied with your first playthrough. So if you edit that information in the playthrough it’ll be updated on your Log.

Playthroughs also act as replays. So you can have as many playthroughs as you want with their own reviews, platforms, and dates!

Game statuses are now an essential part of logging your games. You’ll be able to mark your Log and Dates with these statuses to help define exactly what it means to have ‘played’ a game. These are mere guidelines and you can even use Played if you have no desire to use this system. You can set your default completed status under Profile Settings as it’s currently set on ‘Completed’.

Another new element worth mentioning is the time played field that is present in Log, Playthrough, and Dates. Here you can mark how many hours and minutes you’ve played under that specific timeframe. You can also have Log / Playthrough automatically add up the times underneath it.

For example, let’s say I have playthrough 1 with 10hrs and playthrough 2 with 4hrs. If I toggle the auto-adding then the Log time will be 14hrs.

You didn’t think there’d be a big update where I didn’t change the visuals right? The colors have been boosted so that things pop a bit more, covers have been tweaked to fit better, the ratings bar graph has been completely redone, and probably much more that I have forgotten at this point.

So before ratings were always shown as 1–10 but it didn’t make too much sense give there were only 5 stars. So now ratings are shown as 0.5–5 across the site. So don’t be alarmed if your favorite games appear lowly rated! This is intentional and we’ll all adjust to it eventually, right?

There are still many more changes that weren’t mentioned here but can be found on the changelog page at:

Giant Thanks!

This goes out to all my patrons that have stuck by me while waiting for this update!

  • Thomas Mulholland
  • Humad Shah
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Actually before 1.4, I wanted to have two smaller updates that accompany this one with features that didn’t make the cut due to time. Some include:

  • Sorting review by likes
  • Backlog priority field
  • Backlog selector improvements
  • Style improvements to List Adder
  • Add start / finish dates to any playthrough

Neither of these should take half the time 1.3 did but then again I shouldn't jinx it 😶

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Until next time!

(Also be sure to report any bugs / things you think should change as this was a huge update and I’m sure I’ve missed something. Okay that’s all, thanks!)

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