1.4 Release

4 min readJun 15, 2020

Time for some backlog with your Backloggd

This release was originally going to be 1.3.2 but only grew in the amount of content so much it felt necessary to name it a larger release. Therefore 1.4 was born.

Backlog Restructure

So before, backlog was just a label for the two options ‘Playing’ and ‘Wishlist’ leaving no physical option to select backlog itself. Well this has all changed so that each ‘Played’ ‘Playing’ ‘Backlog’ and ‘Wishlist’ are their own separate options that can be simultaneously toggled for maximum game cataloging.

Separating them allows us to further go towards the idea that your log is everything you know about that game. So now your backlog data is also stored with your log instead of being something different.

So keep in mind when you delete your log, you’re also deleting any backlog data with it. But this also now allows you to have a log without it being marked Played. Also you can now toggle your Played status with the button again as it doesn’t open the Journal anymore.

Another thing this changes is your game library. Now everything is broken up into these 4 sections and act like filters so you can even toggle multiple at a time if you wanted to.

Quick Access

Now with the new ‘Backlog’ section you’re probably going to be editing a lot of your entries, luckily the new quick access bar is here to help!

This little bar will appear when you hover over any cover image and allows you to easily organize your game straight from there. You can even open your Journal from there if you want to specify details.

Journal 2.0 Part 2

1.3’s update launched knowing there would be a few features that had to be held back due to time. Luckily they made it in this time around.

Start Date: You can now specify if a playthrough has a start date or not

Finish Date: Before only your first playthrough could be marked with a finish date, now any of them can.

Type: Your first playthrough now has the option of being seen as your first time or a replay.

Time Played: Now it auto adds itself without you having to say so, you can still overwrite it by filling in the fields as well.

Additionally the layout was given a minor visual improvement, including where the help button is. You’ll also find a delete icon underneath the help icon when you’re on the Log tab for easy access.

Journal View

With the journal’s now complete set of information, the journal view itself was given an update.

Now displaying information in a more grid-like fashion so that you can easily scan your eyes down and across to find information easier. It also now displays if that date is a start/finish date and shows icons for other information as well. One of which brings you to the new playthroughs page.

Playthroughs Page

This new page is available for any log for any user and displays everything you logged about a certain game.

From your log details to every date you played, it will show up here.

You can access this page through the journal or through the logs section on any game’s page.

Game Lists

There’s a new page that lets you view every public list a game has appeared in so that you can find new and interesting lists much easier now.

Access this page by selecting the little lists icon under a game’s ratings graph!

So much more

There were also a ton of smaller changes in this update from drop-downs visually changing to a new sort by time played feature. Check them all out here for a complete coverage: https://www.backloggd.com/changelog/#1.4.0

Monthly Support

Here’s that special section where I get to thank those who decided to support the site through Patreon during either May or June.

1.5 The Commentary Update

Now that we’re completely done restructuring the core system of the site we get to move to the next content update being all about comments / reviews.

Some highlights will include:

  • The ability to comment on reviews / lists
  • A restyle for reviews
  • Formatting for text (bold, italics, links)
  • and more….

Stay tuned to find out more! More specifically join the Discord for the best tuning:

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Thanks for checking in and see you on the site!