1.6 Activities Update

Never lose track of your in-site activities again.

The 1.6 update released today and with it came the focus of tracking site-wide activities between yourself and friends.

Activities Page

With reviews, comments, likes, lists, playing, and so much more going on the site daily it was difficult to keep track of what exactly was new or what your friends were up to without visiting each page independently.

That’s why the new activities page is here!

Here you can view a simple feed of all things worthwhile to track from your friends, yourself, and anything incoming to you such as comments, likes, and follows.

If you’re looking for a specific type of content there are filters you can apply to view exactly that.

Notification Bell

With inbound activities you’ll want an easy way to see when there’s something new, which is why the new notification bell is here.

When the pink dot appears that means there’s something new for you to view in your inbound activities. While it’s simple at first, I’m hoping to improve the notification system by allowing you to mute certain types, follow specific threads, push to email, and more! This certainly won’t be the last update for this little guy.

Badges Revamp

Ah badges, because who doesn’t love collectables about collecting games. The badge system has been reworked from the ground up so that adding new badges will be easier than ever.

We also now save when you earned that badge so that you can keep a timeline of when you got what. Additionally you can now view all your badges in detail with the new badges page, found by selecting ‘View All’ on your profile.

Sadly since we didn’t store earned dates before, any badges from before will have a default date of November 7th.

There are also a few new badges to unlock but don’t worry here they all are.

Uh-oh the image was damaged in the process of me damaging it. Well I’m sure you can piece it together ;)

Smaller Improvements

Then there were many other smaller quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes that were addressed. As always you can read them all here:

Thank You!

I can’t say it enough but we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Patrons who help fund the site and it’s development costs! So again, thank you!

What’s Next

Backloggd isn’t slowing down yet, especially since we just hit 10,000 users🥳

Next week we have the Game of the Year event starting so expect to hear more about that in, well, a week! Be sure to join our Discord, follow the Twitter page, and check out the Patreon for more Backloggd news!

Thank you for checking out what 1.6 is all about and I hope I’ll see you on the site!



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