1.7 Lists Update

5 min readFeb 2, 2021

Organizing data has never been so fun!

1.7 — The Lists Update

The next installment of the Backloggd saga is here and is all about lists.

Even though lists were first introduced Fall of 2019, they haven’t received many updates between that time and now despite being a fan favorite tool. Luckily the drought is no more as I’m excited to show many of the new features that have launched.

List Folders

If you’re someone with more than a page of lists you knew very well how difficult it could be to find what you’re looking for. That’s why folders are being introduced.

Folders allow you to organize lists into specific groups so that you can control where you find them. Lists can be placed in multiple folders at once and even have a toggleable option to also appear on the lists page at the same time.

Folders will also be auto-hidden from others if it’s empty or only contains private lists. That way you don’t have to worry about updating the privacy setting yourself.

They will also adapt to the current sort method if applicable. Coming soon will also come the ability to set the default sort for folders themselves!

Speaking of sorting…

Sorting and Filtering

Another feature to help manage your list chaos is finally the addition of sorting methods and filters.

New sort methods

Profile lists, folders, and game lists pages all have these sort options now along with a few filters depending on where you are. This should help you find what you’re looking in a speedier fashion.

Revamped List Page

Organizing lists with folders and filters is cool but what about the actual lists? Well glad you asked!

Lists have received many new enhancements and features to really make them shine. First it’s worth mentioning alone that the list system has been rewritten to handle updates only when you hit save. This is different than before as your list ordering would auto-save, which can cause a lot of headaches and system load. In the end it should mean editing lists runs smoother and appears more straight-forward.

List Stats

A few stats were added to help give you an idea how your plays stack up against the current list. As you can see above you’ll now see the percentage of games you’ve played in this list, along with a breakdown of how many of the games you gave to each status. Along with that you’ll see your average rating for every game in that list you’ve rated. In all of these cases duplicates are subtracted from the total counts.

Really helps give you an idea of how you fare against whatever list someone has put together!

List Likes and Comments

You can now also like and comment on lists just like reviews! Liking a list will then save it to your likes page where you can revisit it at anytime.

Comments work the same way where you can set each list’s comment privacy on a case-by-case basis or just have it go by your default comment privacy setting.

Tons of Other Changes

Lists now display in rows of 5 to give a nice even 100 per page, you can now swap between the grid / detail view mode at anytime, you can auto-sort list entries to save lots of manual ordering, you can fade played list entries with the new Fade played option, list descriptions will have an expand button if they appear too long, and a UI refresh on top of all that.

I really hope you’ll enjoy the new list changes as they’ve been missing for awhile now. Stay on the look out for the next few minor updates as they also may contain some new list goodies as well 👀

Other Notable Changes

While lists were the focus, there were a few other notable additions that came in the 1.7 update.

Journal Unsaved Warning

No more are the days of misclicking off the journal only to realize you deleted your 3000 word review of Among Us. Say hello to the confirmation box:

A pretty standard feature but has been regrettably missing for a while now. Either way you should feel a lot safer now when writing those longer reviews!

Updated mobile views

I won’t lie, the mobile version of the site hasn’t been getting its fair share of attention. That’s why I’ve spent some time this update to really polish many popular pages so that they look just as good while you’re on the go!

As always you can check out the full list of changes, including many bug fixes, here:


Thank You to our Patrons!

I can’t express this enough, this site wouldn’t be here without all your support. So I thank you to those who have helped support the site during 1.7's development. I’m hoping to have a new treat for our backers soon 😉

Next time on Backloggd

While I don’t know exactly what 1.8 will contain, I do know I want to lean more towards smaller but more frequent updates. That way things are less prone to breaking all at once and I can get new, exciting features in your hands at a quicker pace.


Thanks for seeing what 1.7 was all about! Be sure to follow up on all the socials below to stay in touch.