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Updates and News for Backloggd.

View your entire collection in a summary of graphs and stats!

1.8 — The Stats Update

The long awaited stats update is here, giving a visual flair to all that game data you’ve been logging! I just want to get it out of the way: this new stats page is intended to be a permeant Backer-exclusive feature. While I’m typically against locking features away, there has to be something enticing for paid users and stats were always meant as the end goal for this.

But please don’t let that stop you from enjoying this update as there are many other improvements and features to be…

Organizing data has never been so fun!

1.7 — The Lists Update

The next installment of the Backloggd saga is here and is all about lists.

Even though lists were first introduced Fall of 2019, they haven’t received many updates between that time and now despite being a fan favorite tool. Luckily the drought is no more as I’m excited to show many of the new features that have launched.

List Folders

If you’re someone with more than a page of lists you knew very well how difficult it could be to find what you’re looking for. That’s why folders are being introduced.

Never lose track of your in-site activities again.

The 1.6 update released today and with it came the focus of tracking site-wide activities between yourself and friends.

Activities Page

With reviews, comments, likes, lists, playing, and so much more going on the site daily it was difficult to keep track of what exactly was new or what your friends were up to without visiting each page independently.

That’s why the new activities page is here!

Get all your thoughts out in the commenting update!

Today comes the release of 1.5! While review commenting is a feature highlight, it certainly isn’t the only one this update brings. From redesigns to entirely new pages let’s get right into it!

Review Redesign

One of the most noticeable differences will be how much the reviews have changed in styling!

Take a look back into how far we’ve come and a peek into the future.

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Backloggd and the first year being released at 1.0. As a mini-celebration we’ll take a stroll through memory lane, look at various site-wide stats, and then see what’s on the horizon for Backloggd.

The Past

As for general content, here’s a summary of what major features came to Backloggd during our second year.

Time for some backlog with your Backloggd

This release was originally going to be 1.3.2 but only grew in the amount of content so much it felt necessary to name it a larger release. Therefore 1.4 was born.

Backlog Restructure

So before, backlog was just a label for the two options ‘Playing’ and ‘Wishlist’ leaving no physical option to select backlog itself. Well this has all changed so that each ‘Played’ ‘Playing’ ‘Backlog’ and ‘Wishlist’ are their own separate options that can be simultaneously toggled for maximum game cataloging.

It’s finally here, get ready to journal those games.

Almost 5 months later comes the next content update for Backloggd with the main focus being all about expanding the core Journal feature. Enough with the intro though, let’s dig right in!


There are now two main sections to the journal with them being Log and Playthroughs. Let’s go over the main components of each

Time for genres, game plays, and so much more!

Hello again! I’m here today with the next big content update for Backloggd and this time we have a ton of smaller features compared to the one big feature like last time. Let’s get into it!


A highly requested feature found on the roadmap were genres, in their inevitability here they are!

Three words: lists, lists, and LISTS!!!

We have finally reached the release of 1.1.0 almost 2 months after 1.0 back in August. If it wasn’t obvious by now, the main feature with this update is custom lists. We’re going to go over each new change in detail and leave a little bit at the end for what’s next.


Summer may be coming to an end but we’re just getting started!

Welcome back to another monthly update, just as usual we’ll be covering what August had in store for Backloggd and then look into what’s coming next.

Certainly the biggest event of the month was the launch of 1.0, where the site was released to what I considered a complete state. In reality this didn’t mean much in actual changes but the idea of it is there. For a complete list of 1.0 changes visit the last post here 1 Year of Backlogging or the changelog page.

Now that…


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