The big filters update is finally out along with a few other new treats!

April 2019 Update

Filters! You can now filter through the entire game collection as well as user collections. Want to see only games you played on Xbox One? Sure! Want to see only games someone rated an 8? You got it! Want to see every game released for the Nintendo Switch? Filters got you covered. Check them out and be sure to look out for additional filters added later on.

Now a smaller addition includes counters for games.

Play, Backlog, and Review Totals

These counters are located the bottom of the ratings bar on every game’s page. They just give you an overview on how people have logged something. In future you’ll be able to select these icons to open up an overview of exactly who logged what.

While not as exciting, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy were added to the site. They’re pretty basic and are just there to get an understanding of exactly what happens with your data and how we expect users to use the site. Nothing out of the ordinary, but essential to have. You can check them out in the footer.

I’m also excited to announce we’ve partnered with IGDB, our API provider!

This means we’re able to get Pro access to API at a reduced price, allowing us to expand how we receive game data. Soon users will be able to sign into Backloggd using their IGDB credentials and import their data. There’ll be another post for this when it launches.

Our Patreon launched!

There’s an entire post about this here if you want to check it out:

A majority of the changes included UI updates. More specifically the footer was redone to be more responsive, game covers now have an outline to make them pop a bit more, there’s now a shortcut icon under a friend’s activity if they have written a review, and a bunch of other small tweaks.

The roadmap has also been updated to give a view into how close the site is to it’s first major release. This percentage is based off of the number of issues I’m keeping track of and will be updated regularly to give an idea of how much is left.

There was also a major fix to user game pages as it should load much faster now!

Then of course there were numerous bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements. With most of them being unnoticeable but will generally improve the site!

A lot happened in April, and I’m excited to see what the next month brings us. Ideally we’ll have Replaying in by then, allowing users to mark games multiple times as played. We also hope to start introducing our other funding methods by then as well. If you missed what I mean check out the update at the bottom.

Thanks for checking in! Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more regular updates.

Updates and News for Backloggd.

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