Summer may be coming to an end but we’re just getting started!

Welcome back to another monthly update, just as usual we’ll be covering what August had in store for Backloggd and then look into what’s coming next.

Certainly the biggest event of the month was the launch of 1.0, where the site was released to what I considered a complete state. In reality this didn’t mean much in actual changes but the idea of it is there. For a complete list of 1.0 changes visit the last post here 1 Year of Backlogging or the changelog page.

Now that we’re on a version release basis, we’ll have update posts for just the changes alone and these monthly posts will instead be general news of what’s been going on.

Lists, Game Plays, and More

So the next big update, 1.1, is progressing very nicely with the highly requested list feature!

Right off the bat you’ll have many options to work with such as privacy settings, showing rank numbers, custom ordering, description / notes, and hopefully a few more! If not at launch, there’ll definitely be more options later on.

Along with lists will be the game plays page where you can see everyone’s plays, backlogs, and ratings. With this will also be a page where you can see anyone’s complete history with that game. This being especially useful with games that have been logged with multiple playthroughs.

I’d say lists are about 90% done and game plays are 70%, and then once those are finished 1.1 will be ready to go! So I’m hoping for a mid-September date for that.

We also recently hit over 10,000 plays logged on the site and that’s not even counting backlogs!

This is really exciting because it shows how far we’ve come in just a year. Let’s aim for 100,000 by next year ;)

I also just want to note that this Fall / Spring will be my final year of college so time may become pretty limited this next year. Meaning work on the site may slow down a bit here and there but I will always make sure it is still functional and any serious bugs are fixed asap.

Patreon Thank You!

The August patrons supporting the site were Ping, Humad Shah, RoyalApe, Will Goodrow, and Ben Stumpf! You have no idea how much you help!

Sorry this one was a bit late, but of course stay tuned for the 1.1 release later this month.

Updates and News for Backloggd.

Updates and News for Backloggd.