Backloggd’s 2nd Anniversary

Take a look back into how far we’ve come and a peek into the future.

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Backloggd and the first year being released at 1.0. As a mini-celebration we’ll take a stroll through memory lane, look at various site-wide stats, and then see what’s on the horizon for Backloggd.

The Past

As for general content, here’s a summary of what major features came to Backloggd during our second year.

The Present

With all that progress, how have things been looking on the numbers side?

As of today we have hit over 615K game logs with more flooding in by the hour! 300K of those contain ratings with a total of 20K reviews. That’s something that only could be possible by our 2235% increase in users since last year. From 216 to over 5,100 today, a growth that only seems exponential from here. That makes it about to 4 reviews and 120 games logged per user.

And to think most of these came within the last 4 months! It makes me very excited to see how the future looks from here. Speaking of…

The Future

First look at 1.5

If you look very closely you may notice something different about the game page.. okay it’s actually pretty obvious, the reviews count icon is now purple.

Oh that and the reviews have been visually overhauled.

The current reviews were starting to feel a bit cramped in their cards and information was scattered all over the place, we needed something better while keeping the amount of information the same. So now we have log info at the top, content in the middle, and interactables at the bottom. Strip away the card and you get what you see above! Don’t worry 1.5 will be much more than just a visual update, this screenshot alone has a few implications we’ll discuss later down the road.

Thank You to Everyone!

We certainly wouldn’t have made it this far without the amazing supporters over on Patreon!

Don’t forget you receive a few benefits if you become a patron yourself. For $3/mo you’ll receive all of these!

  • Exclusive backer badge
  • Exclusive Discord role / channel
  • Early previews to upcoming content
  • Early beta access to upcoming features
  • Ad-free experience
  • Your name in these posts
  • Your profile displayed on the Backers page
  • And more to come!

While the patrons do help keep the lights on, it’s all still owed to everyone who has uses the site today! It’s the main reason it exists and I couldn’t be more thankful for a community that allows me to keep building my dream project.

Until next time, thank you and see you on the site!


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