This was a big content month getting ready for the 1.0 release coming very soon!

July was certainly a busy month as work towards an official launch was made, whether through new features or polishing old ones. Let’s start off with what was new!

What’s New

Entries marked with a crown are the primary entry used for ratings.

Something else new to Backloggd is the About section as seen below:

Your question still not answered? Ask me personally through contact!

This contains all the information pages that are about the site itself. Always take a peek here if you’re looking for something specific.

FAQ houses a bunch of questions that you never knew you had, Game Data gives a brief summary on where our data comes from, Roadmap is the normal roadmap page that’s been there, Changelog will host all the changes coming after the 1.0 release, Contact Us is the typical contact form, Twitter links to our lovely Twitter (@BackloggdApp btw), Patreon shows you all of our generous backers, and the last two are their respective forms.

One behind-the-scenes addition is the ability to block games. This is entirely an admin feature but will hopefully help with cleaning up any spam games that ended up in the database.

Ads are also new to the site beginning in July. While we talked about bringing them on many months ago, we finally got them in. Just to clarify we will always keep these to a minimum as much as possible. No pop-ups, audio, or screen blocking ads, only passively on the side of the screen. Additionally you can remove them by becoming a Backer on our Patreon! Or Adblock but you wouldn’t do that right ;)


The date field in the journal feels more optional now and presets the date to today if you check it for easier logging.

The default avatar, game cover, and icon have been tweaked.

Increased the number of search results and number of game pages for the library. Increasingly like likeliness you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Emails sent for account confirmations and password resets now have a little CSS styling to them so they aren’t just boring blank text anymore. Helps us look a little more legitimate.

Alerts have been tweaked across the site to help you if you’re entering a setting incorrectly, haven’t confirmed your email, or other general tips.

And then a bunch of fixes were made such as:

  • Search bar was broken in Safari
  • Squished footer in mobile
  • Homepage crashed because of these articles
  • Searching specific terms crashed
  • Filters not presetting
  • Sorting by release dates could crash
  • And many, many more…

The Future

This will allow longer testing phases and more feature complete results. Additionally it’s important to know that each of these updates will not take nearly a year such as 1.0 did. They will have one focus feature along with a few other smaller additions. I plan on these being close to monthly updates but nothing is set in stone and I’ll be sure to let you know through these updates!

Don’t want to say too much more as that’s what the 1.0 launch is for!

Thank you!

That was all for July, stay tuned for the next update soon! Thank you!

Updates and News for Backloggd.

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