A fresh coat of paint came to Backloggd in June.

What’s New

This month brought a substantial facelift being the darker retheme. The entire site was styled in a way to fit a new darker look to make the colors pop and elements shine. Here’s comparison look between the welcome page in the old look versus the new:

Overall the site now has a cleaner look to establish its identity in it.


The main changes were pretty small by themselves but abundant:

  • Now show release dates on sorting
  • Fix company page sorting
  • Split the settings page into two
  • Fix tool-tip text staying around after leaving the page
  • UI Tweaks with the darker update
  • Other fixes

It wasn’t a very content heavy month but again that will happen as we approach the 1.0 launch (and almost one year of the project’s beginnings 🎉)

The Future

In the very near future we will have replays launched! There was just a post about it so check it out if you missed it. Then after that it will mainly be cleanup on small changes to make everything already here smoother. That will continue until the 1.0 milestone is reached! Be sure to look out in the next update for news about what’s next.

Thank you!

I want to say thank you to our patrons for June. This time being Ping and RoyalApe! It really does help the site keep going.

If you ever want to be featured on the site or get exclusive looks at upcoming features look into becoming a patron yourself!

That’s it for this update, you can follow up on any of the links below for any social media or past news. Thanks for reading!

Updates and News for Backloggd. https://www.backloggd.com/

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