Log Editor Beta

5 min readFeb 5, 2023


Along with a small set of other changes in this 1.10.5 update!

1.10.5 Log Editor Update

Long, long ago 1.10 released with a revamped log editor UI and after that I asked the community what are some ways I could improve on that. The results were summarized in the “Logged Feedback Results” post but it came down to making it easier to access the options that were most important. With that I went back to the drawing board and came up with three new distinct log editor UIs to address three different use cases.

Although I want to note the 1.10.5 beta doesn’t change any functionality to the editor but only UI. This is just so it’s a simpler transition and doesn’t commit too much to anything in case it doesn’t end up working. Functionality changes will comes shortly after the designs are finalized, with that said let’s go over the new designs.

The Quick Editor

Quick log editor beta

This will be the new default view when opening the log editor for the first time. It goes back to the basics of what matters the most when logging a game and moves the game statuses back to the first screen. This strongly resembles the pre-1.10 editor while keeping the functionaility changes made in 1.10. The quick editor is meant to house the most common fields so that it’s not overwhelming while providing enough to quickly log something.

Quick log editor beta — advanced fields

You can still access a selection of advance fields from the quick editor as well.

The Full Editor

Switching to the full editor is as simple as pressing the button in the bottom left corner with all your changes carrying over. Your choice will be remembered as well so if you prefer one view over the other you can stick to it.

Full log editor beta

The full editor is meant for all the completionists out there who want to track every detail about their games. The idea here is to provide all options from a single screen to avoid having to sluggishly swap between tabs / pages. There will also be some fields you won’t find in the quick editor such as library entries, total time played, medium, and played on. Being more niche it made sense to save them exclusivley for this view.

The Mobile Editor

Mobile log editor beta

Mobile is especially tricky since it’s a single size and a smaller one at that. So my way to optimize for mobile devices is by taking a fullscreen with a navigation bar approach. I’m interested to see how it’ll feel when logging day-to-day but I think it should be a more fluid experience compared to the nested tabs that are used today. This view type will apply automatically when the screen width is small enough so it’s not something you toggle like the other two.

Mobile library editor beta

Since mobile only has a single view, all fields are available here but are sectioned between tabs if you wish to ignore certain ones. If anything this just gives me practice of what to expect when an app gets closer to reality.

To recap, this is all in beta and will start rolling out to Backers first. This is to avoid changing too much all at once again like in 1.10 so that if something really isn’t working it can be updated before making it available to everyone. I plan on opening up the beta to more users as time goes on but I’ll be sure to announce that either on the Twitter page or Discord.

Since this is an incomplete experience and may introduce bugs, you can always opt-out of this experience by toggling the beta from your Profile Settings. Although I’m hoping you will first take advantage of the new feedback provider to give your thoughts / report any bugs if you can.

Feedback form

Other changes in the 1.10.5 update also include a handful of smaller bug fixes / improvements. Here are a few notable ones:

  • Changed: Friend statuses on the game page will prioritize showing their rating first, playing status second, then played, backlog, and wishlist after that.
  • New: Icon support added when adding the site to your iOS home screen
  • Bug Fixed: Friends with no statuses selected for a game would still show up in the friend status section on the game’s page
  • Bug Fixed: Review content could overflow and cause a horizontal scrollbar to appear

You can read them all here: https://www.backloggd.com/changelog/#1.10.5

That’s all for today, I can’t wait to see how the beta goes with the hope of bringing it the rest of the site within the next couple months. As always stay updated with the latest by following the socials below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BackloggdApp

Discord: discord.gg/Ac6XNNN

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/backloggd

Thanks again and see you on the site!