Lots of under the hood changes, along with a few new features to show.

March 2019 Update

I want to recap the changes that came in March for Backloggd to show the progress that has been made. With beta approaching the end, new features will come up less frequently as focus is shifted towards fixing and improving existing systems.

The first of these was reworking how the IGDB API is internally handled, aka how we get all the information for each game. This was reworked to reduce the amount of outgoing calls and rely more on the local data through Backloggd’s databases, improving control and performance. This was then followed up by a bunch of bug fixes with these changes.

Another internal system that was improved was the contact form and how it sends outgoing emails to us. Nothing too exciting from the user’s side but at least it now shows a confirmation notice that your email was sent.

Then we had a numerous amount of UI updates throughout the site involving the increasing the scaling of users’ rating bar graph, fix text clipping in the user nav menu, and a bunch of other tiny tweaks to overall improve the experience.

Finally we have the new ‘News’ section on the home page that will now list the most recent of these articles! This is something that has been planned for a long time so it’s great to be able to finally share updates in the form of these written updates.

Overall March focused on fixing bugs, improving the underlying systems, and adding the new ‘News’ feature. Again as we approach the end of beta, this will most likely be the case where 1 feature is followed by 100 small changes. One of the next big features will surely be the Filters & Sorting update where a new filtering system will be implemented. I really want to get it right, which is why it’s taking quite a bit of time. Either way I hope to share more about it soon.

Thanks for checking in!

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