A month of tweaks, improvements, and logins.

What’s New

This month didn’t bring as many front-facing features as the previous months but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening. For instance the ability to register/login into Backloggd with an IGDB account was added just yesterday!

So if you already have a profile on IGDB and want to use that as your account, you can! All you need to do is hit that green button, sign into IGDB, and then pick your Backloggd username! While you can only make an account with IGDB for now, there are plans to allow importing game data. Meaning you’ll be able to sync your ratings / reviews to Backloggd! Stay tuned for more on that in the coming weeks.

Another addition was the expansion to the home page, now showing the most recent reviews from across the site along with past news articles on the side.

Giving you an overview of what’s been going on!

Filter tags have also made their appearance this month, adding another level of easy access to edit your applied filters on the fly!

You can easily turn off any filter by selecting it in this bar that appears when there are filters applied.


UI tweaks continue to come and go as various parts of the site are changed to better suit the ever changing theme. One of these parts are the reviews as they have been redesigned to fit all their information in a consistent manner. A few other UI-specific changes includes the ratings when hovering over a game, the filter drop-downs, and a ton of mobile related issues.

Performance was also a key improvement this month. Notably there was an issue that a user’s game library could take a while to load if they had hundreds of games. This now will load noticeably much faster.

We also have a new system involving webhooks. Essentially this is a way to keep information on Backloggd as updated as it is from our database provider. Right now this new system is only applied to the game’s covers but we hope to bring it to the games themselves. Especially for release dates as those are always changing for unreleased games.

The Future

The next big update shouldn’t be long and will be very obvious when it happens. If you follow our twitter (BackloggdApp) you’ll know what’s coming.

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to our patron Ping for supporting Backloggd this month!

If you want to contribute to the site yourself there is a link below, every penny helps!

Thank you for reading, hope to see you on the site!

Updates and News for Backloggd. https://www.backloggd.com/

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