Introducing three non-intrusive funding methods to help keep the lights on.

Up to this point we have been funding Backloggd out of pocket, which has worked thus far. But the scale of the site is only growing and we are starting to need the additional funding to meet it. So over the course of the next few months we will be implementing three monetization methods to, hopefully, meet these new standards.

So one of the more obvious methods is by placing ads on the site. It’s passive, and doesn’t require anyone to do anything differently. Now we’re not talking about anything that pops up, moves the page, or anything as obnoxious as they can get. We simply would have 2 or 3 banner ads placed on either the side or at the bottom of a page.

Another more passive method is having affiliate links under a game’s profile for certain games. If you’re not familiar with these, they are essentially links to a store where you can buy the game you’re viewing. Whether that store is Amazon, Best Buy, GMG, etc. if someone were to use our link and purchase something, we’d get a small cut for referring them. Would not cost them anything extra. Again, very passive and only there if you’d want to.

This one would be more for those who want to go out of their way to support Backloggd. We might introduce a few perks such as Patreon exclusive posts or a backers page on the site, the details are still being worked on. We’ll have a post of its own for when we get closer to releasing this.

Just to clarify we are not looking to “get rich”, we simply are looking for ways to fund the costs of the servers, databases, external APIs, domain, email support, and everything else that comes with running a website. I hope this isn’t bad news for anyone and can understand our position.

Of course if you have any questions feel free to leave a reply, email me, or say something on Twitter! (BTW did I mention there’s a twitter page now?)

Thanks for reading!

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