Series | 1.12 Update

5 min readApr 18, 2024


Games are about to become serialized.

The 1.12 Update — Series

Welcome back to another Backloggd update! As is tradition, this was originally planned to be part of the 1.11 release but ended up growing into its own full set of features. The feature I’m talking particularly about is Series.

Game Series

When I say game series, I’m referring to the franchise / series that a game belongs to. This update brings all new ways to explore series and the games within them!

Game series page — Super Mario

First each series has its own page of games including the filtering and sorting options you’d expect. Additionally you’ll be able to jump to any related series via the navigation cards at the bottom of each page.

Game series page — related series

Hopefully this helps give a continuity to your logging as you seek out missing entries from your collection. Next series will also show up on the game page, displaying other games that released before and after the game you’re currently viewing.

Series on a game page — Resident Evil 4

Game series will start to populate as soon as the update is live but it will be gradual so be on the lookout for your favorites!

Game Series — Stats

Series go further for Backers with a new addition to the all-time stats page.

All-time stats — Series Progress

The progress tracker will display all series from your collection you’ve played at least 10% of. Progress is only tracked on mainline titles and standalone-expansions so that things like DLC don’t bog it down. Additionally marking a remake, remaster, or port as played will automatically count towards your progress even if you don’t have the mainline title logged.

Game Logs Revamped

Recently the ability to view all logs for a game was disabled due to performance. I’m happy to welcome them back with a fresh coat of paint!

Game logs revamped — Lethal Company

The UI has been updated to better match the rest of the site while providing more information to digest. Additionally a new play status filter and friend filter has been added for more flexibility. Then of course the performance issues have been mitigated as well, ideally delivering a buttery smooth experience now.

List Moderation

Lists join the moderation fray by now being reportable. Any public list can be reported via the report ‘Flag’ icon underneath the ‘Last updated’ section. With reporting comes the ability to remove as well, site moderators can now take action on lists that are breaking our community guidelines.

List reporting

If one of your lists are removed, you’ll receive a notification, it’ll be set to private, and hidden from your page. You’ll still be able to see the list via your ‘Removed Content’ section of your settings.

Ideally this feature will hardly be used but we also want to keep the space safe by not allowing unwelcome content in this area.

Review Readability

Review text has been slightly altered in hopes of being more easy on the eyes. The color has been shifted to be less blue to give a higher contrast on the dark blue background. Then the font has been updated to Noto Sans which is pretty much the same except for small improvements such as Is and Gs being more obvious.

Review comparison — Top old styling / bottom new styling

Then other small UI tweaks were made to reviews to better balance the various elements and unify them with the rest of the site. I welcome your feedback on these changes, especially if you’re a heavy review reader!

Notification Settings for Likes

Two new notifications settings are here to help you control who can fill your inbox when it comes to liking your content. This won’t prevent you from recieving any likes, just not get notifications for them.

Notification settings for review and list likes

Multiselect Category Filter

Select multiple categories at once when filtering on games wherever the game category filter appears! This will act as an ‘OR’ and show you results from all the options selected.

Multiselect option for the Game Category filter

That about sums the highlights coming in the 1.12 update, check out the changelog for a full list of changes when the update drops April 19th.

This update is a bit slimmer than 1.11 but that was intended as I plan to move quicker with a more focused set of features in each update moving forward. So far this proved to work but we’ll see for the next one if it continues. I’m also still a solo developer on this project so sometimes life just decides otherwise.

Thank you to all the Backers and Supporters who help keep Backloggd going over on Patreon! I can’t wait to see everyone use series, please submit your feedback via any channel necessary. I’ll especially be looking for ideas now that I have a blank update to plan 🤔…

Until next time, see you on the site!