The ability to mark journal entries as replays is almost here!

This coming week will introduce the highly requested feature of tracking game replays. Here we’ll be going over exactly how it works.

So now when you select “Journal” on a game, it will always bring up an empty form with your previously filled entries underneath it.

Selecting one of the entries will load it into the current form for editing. You can also delete that specific entry here as well. If you want to go back to the blank form just select “New Replay” below.

After adding more than 1 entry for a single game, a counter will show up by the play button indicating how many times you’ve played it.

Now the rating that shows up on your profile and when you visit a game’s page is always the rating of the first created entry. So below the entry created on 01/05/2019 is the one that will be used as the user’s main rating. Only your main rating is taken into the game’s average score.

All your replays will show up in your journal if you set a played date and any replays with reviews will have an icon to indicate that.

That’s pretty much it! There’s still a few things that need to be tested but look forward to the new feature coming sometime this week. Follow us on Twitter for more updates.

Thanks for reading!

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